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About Hostfurl

Last updated on 22 March 2024

Hostfurl is a small business in QLD Australia with a modest goal.

From community involvement, Hostfurl realises there is a large gulf for those with very limited budgets and with very limited access to skilled personnel, who would like to look good on the Internet with their own domain based website and email.

Static websites with easy to use frameworks and fast updates as well as email hosting fills this gulf, along with a convenient way to pass web based forms to email.

The early Internet did static web and email exceptionally well.

Through the use of Hostfurl services with documentation and a forum, encouraging others to participate, Hostfurl aims to encourage time and battle proven techniques that are popular from the individual to the enterprise level, as well as new cutting edge approaches that are making big differences in solving well recognised problems.

There are an enormous number of misconceptions about how to approach ‘doing websites’. Hostfurl’s approach is simple: let the results speak for themselves:

In summary, Hostfurl provides integrated static web, email and DNS hosting services and encourages a relevant methodology.